Most design agencies do not post their prices. Why? Because every client is different and every design is different. That being said, here is a range of pricing that you can expect your project to fall into.

Please see our pricing guidelines for design work, development and our experience below.

Logo Update.

£30 an hour (Capped at 5 hours)
You have an existing logo that has outdated fonts and the overall look needs some “sprucing” up. You don’t need new concepts, but instead a more streamlined look that keeps your current brand. Maybe you have your logo sketched out exactly how you want it, but just need it digitized.

Logo Design.

£30 an hour (Capped at 8 hours)
You don’t have a design and you need brand new concepts and designs from scratch to create your perfect logo. 

Brand Identity.

£30 an hour (Time estimated on brief)
You need more than just a logo. It is a  complete visual guideline for your brand and can include: naming your business; design brief; multiple formats; full colour & pantone colours; a style sheet to keep all of your branding consistent across multiple platforms; business cards; letterhead and concepts to show how your logo would appear on apparel and other print advertising. It is a customised service based on your individualised needs.

Print / Packaging.

£30 an hour (Time estimated on brief)
You have a logo and brand identity. You are looking to market your business or product and require concept and design for print material and/or packaging. 

Newsletter Template.

£30 an hour (Time estimated on brief)
You have a logo and brand identity. A newsletter can enhance any e-mail campaign. It is a great way to stay in touch with your customers in a cost-effective way. It should convey consistency with your brand, be easy to update and speak a clear message. We create custom newsletter templates, giving you the tools you need to stay on top of your marketing.

Website Design.

Start at £500+
You have a logo and brand identity. You need an on-line presence. Our websites are designed to best suit your business and your budget.  A one-page website design starts at £500. A small business multi-page website will cost between £600 - £1200+. Once built and online, we hand over all control to you. Your website is easy for you to use; update and to make changes to. Of course we are available should you need further help.